Strippers near Sebago Lake

Looking for entertainment? Maybe strippers near Sebago Lake this summer?

We can help. Call 207-358-4999 and speak to me, my name is Meni. I am the president of VIP Entertainment Inc. I’ve been booking strippers since 1992. I am based in Manchester, NH. We cover all of Sebago Lake.
Sebago Lake stripper Vanessa
When booking strippers for your lake party, please consider picking the correct agency is important. I can’t tell you how many times in the past year, I’ve taken calls from Maine party customers, who claim a Boston agency, just told them, they are late, or not showing up. I know what’s going on, the Boston agency is scrambling for shows. So he will book every call. So what if he doesn’t show up, he doesn’t care, and he also phases out the competition. When it’s 11 pm and you realize that Boston agency is not coming, I hope we are nearby, otherwise you are out of luck.
Sebago lake strippers Nicole and Mona
Why not book your Sebago lake party with us. We show up. We show up on time. My driver’s text me when they collect, it’s always within 20 min of scheduled arrival. I don’t overbook then call around other agents to cover my shows. I feature real girls on my sites. Our girls take pics with each other. I have dozens of pictures of my girls. Compare that to the other sites, that have 1 picture per dancer, and sometimes doesn’t even give the dancer a name.
Sebago Lake strippers

Call 207-358-4999 Let’s book your party with our strippers near Sebago Lake, Maine. Want more pictures? Sure, why not I have plenty.
Sebago Lake Audrey no make up
I post this picture, and want to point out, in this time of filters, Audrey took this pic without make up. She’s a young, attractive dancer, available for parties through VIP Entertainment Inc. Below is a text message from a customer whose party had Nicole and Audrey
party review
Have a great Thursday!, hope we can party with you.