Sunday River

Ski season has ended wedding season has started. That also means, bachelor party season has started. We can help you with the bachelor party. VIP Entertainment Inc., has been booking the best strippers in Maine since 1992. We cover most of the state. Sorry Presque Isle, and anything north of the Forks, and if you are going up to the Forks, please pre-book your party with us. If you call on a Saturday night thinking we have strippers nearby, we probably do not. Call 207-358-4999

What separates me from the other companies, I post real photos and videos of my dancers. They other companies, not so much. One company in Boston, 100% fake girls on his site. Don’t get shammed.
Here are some pics, very recent from this month. For some reason wordpres is not allowing me to add photos. So I’ll post pics from our instagram

Oh here’s a review from a party in Maine 2 nights ago

OK as you can see, my dancers pose with each other, they are real.
Vanessa has been taking pole dance classes, and has been tinkering with strip clubs. Which has made her smokeshow body even tighter.

Keep in mind, if you want to book these dancers call me 207-358-4999

I’ve been booking strippers since 1992. Started the agency after meeting a stripper at Macs Two in Billerica, MA. She was doing amateur night, we talked, she asked me to be here driver. A month later I decided I could do her bosses job, booking the parties. I got a pager. Then 800 number, which I still have. I got my first website up late in 1995. I use to advertise in the Yellow Pages. I remember telling the Yellow Pages ads salesman, that I was pulling my ads for the following year, because the Internet was where business was going. See I’m smart! lol (The GodFather)

Thanks for visiting my site, my blog. Hope you like the photos, and videos. Follow use on Instagram. Still waiting to book the first party off of Instagram.