2018 update

New pics, video, and news from VIP’s Maine strippers

Hope you had a great Valentine’s day, were you one of the guys buying a Valentine’s day card for the misses around 5 pm yesterday. That’s true love. So anyways, here come President’s Day weekend. The long weekend means there will be parties on Sunday night. If you are having a party in Maine and need strippers call 207-358-4999
Here’s a video our Maine strippers Mila and Taylor shot this past weekend.

The girls took a few pics also
Taylor and Mila, Maine strippers
Taylor and Mila Maine strippers
Mila and Taylor Maine strippers
Taylor Maine stripper

I mention booking your party with the actual agency that is going to show up. This happened recently, as recent as last Saturday at a party. I was contacted by a former local agency, asking if I could book 3 strippers for a party in Killington. I said sure, I need $325 to book cover my booking fee. The former local agent, who has no girls anymore but still has web sites up so he does get calls once in a while. So the former local agent, let’s call him Jack. Jack sends me show info, said collect $450, pay him $125 for his referral, and I keep $325 for VIP Entertainment Inc, my corporation. Sounds good.
We drive to the show, scheduled for 8 pm, we get there 8 pm. My driver asks the customer for the $450. The customer says he already paid $325 to an agency in Florida, back in January. I contact Jack, who gave me the show info, he reveals, the Florida person is a “nationwide” agency. A company that claims to book strippers in every state. The truth is the don’t. They hit your credit card for their booking fee, and then they reach out to companies in the area. So this customer could have called me directly and paid $325, he instead agreed to pay $775. $325 on his card in January and $450 when the girls arrive. Don’t book parties with Nationwide agencies, you pay a lot more than you should.
Call me pay $275 for a party in Southern Maine, if you booked with Nationwide your cost will double.
Vanessa and Mona
Dee and Vanessa
Book with VIP Entertainment Inc., we are in Manchester, NH, we cover most of Maine. Sunday River, even Rangeley if you pre-book. Call 207-358-4999