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Maine strippers pics, our roster

When looking for Maine strippers online, realize, you probably are looking at pictures of girls that are 1000 miles away. We are based in Manchester, NH, so we cover Maine, not the northern reaches of Maine. We feature 100% real strippers on all our sites. This page updated April 18, 2019
The girls are in no special order, all their names on on their images. Call 207-358-4999 to book them, or fill out a form for a quote
Here we go, your Maine strippers from VIP Entertainment Inc.

Nicole, Maine stripper

Maine stripper Mila

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Maine stripper Pic

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Maine strippers Nicole and Mona

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Maine strippers Mona and Nicole
Maine stripper Mona
Maine stripper Mona

How’s that for a Maine stripper roster? All real girls, you see multiple pictures of the girls with each other. Posing together. Compare that to every other stripper agency that claims they cover Maine parties.
I’ve been booking strippers since 1992. I use to book strippers for parties who danced at the strip club in Portland, Maine. Back in the 90s, I had a gorgeous brunette stage name Morgan working for me. I met her while she was working at Marks Showplace. Later I booked another girls around the late 2000s, and yet another dancer this decade. A gorgeous blonde who used the stage name Devon with us. She would take stripper locker room selfies.
So you are looking to book stripper for your party in Maine. You don’t want to go to the strip club, that’s lame. So you browse the internet, probably searching with Google. Hopefully you find one of my websites, you will know it’s mine by the watermark on all my photos, you see the on the bottom of every image. You will see Vanessa, you will see Mona, you will see Nicole, you will see Mila, you will see Kat on all my sites.
If you need strippers for a party in Maine dall 207-358-4999

It’s summer and we are busy, we need more dancers, so….
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