Strippers for The Forks Maine

Heading up to the Forks with 4 strippers tonight

We cover most of the Maine with the hottest strippers in New England. Tonight, heading to a party in The Forks, we are bringing 4 dancers for this extravaganza. The customer looked at the roster and we selection the best 4 girls for his party. We have Nicole, Kat, Mila and Mona heading to The Forks.
Nicole strippers The Forks Maine
VIP Entertainment Inc has been booking the best strippers since 1992. Covering New England. Getting to The Forks takes a while, but we cover the distance fine. Call 207-358-4999 to book the best Maine strippers from VIP.
Mila Maine stripper
Booking strippers for your party can be daunting. The sad fact is many people claim to be agents and book dancers. Sure you can be a nation wide agency, and have fake girls their your site and advertise online that you service Maine. But the reality is that guy quotes you a much higher booking fee, then tries to have a local New England agency send it’s girls. I get text messages from a California cell phone, a nationwide agency, asking me to cover shows, I just say, sorry I can’t. Book your party with a real New England agency.
Another issue with booking strippers for your party is the bait and switch. You don’t want to be catfished. Book the pictures of hot girls online, then the girls who show up, are not them, aren’t even hot. You are stuck because it’s already getting late, and your party has to go on. The other agencies know this, you aren’t cancelling once they arrive. This is rare. This did happen 4 weeks ago. A party in NH near the Maine border. The customer’s turned away the dancers from the Boston stripper agency that starts with an S. They called me asked me to send girls. it was already 7 pm. I helped them referring them to my buddy’s agency. We covered the show, it went great.
Call 207-358-4999 to book the best Maine Strippers